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Happy Constitution Day!

On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention delegates met and signed the U.S. Constitution, setting a dynamic ...
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Strips & Gores & Centerlines, Oh My!

Property ownership is as to the American dream as peanut butter is to jelly – a perfect combination.  ...
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Mortgage Rates Hit a Record Low: Prime Time to Invest

Mortgage rates have hit a record low - 3.19%, according to most recent data. And, with record low ...
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Showcasing we're hiring

The Jurist Law Group is Hiring!

We're excited to announce that...{DRUM ROLL PLEASE} WE'RE HIRING new Attorney Business Partners to join our team! Ideal ...
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Keep Calm and Carry On

As the coronavirus continues to impact our nation and the world, and as you continue to adjust your ...
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