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The Block is Hot: Federal Reserve Influence on the Housing Market

When you look at the list of factors affecting today’s housing market, more likely than not, you’ll see ...
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For Sale! Maybe: The Moratorium’s Effect on the Real Estate Market

Last week, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (the “CFPB”) issued an interim final rule, scheduled to take effect ...
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Showcasing we're hiring

The Jurist Law Group is Hiring!

We're excited to announce that...{DRUM ROLL PLEASE} WE'RE HIRING new Attorney Business Partners to join our team! Ideal ...
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What Effect (If Any) Will Herd Immunity Have on Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial landlords, whether in small, medium, or large buildings, are eagerly awaiting the return to normalcy, as the ...
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Just a Few Tidbits About This “Option” on the Road to Homeownership

Let’s be real. Not everyone has stellar credit, or a pile of cash set aside for a new ...
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