Fake Homeowners’ Association Scams Unsuspecting Homeowners

All homeowners should take the appropriate steps to prevent this pervasive scam from hitting close to home: “Fake homeowners association files liens against Missouri homeowners.”

Arm yourself with information. It’s important that homeowners become familiar with their homeowners’ association (“HOA”) which, as a representative for the homeowners within a given community, is responsible for the community’s maintenance and preservation. Start by reviewing your HOA’s Bylaws, Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, as these are the documents covering the establishment, maintenance, and operation of your community and govern the manner in which your HOA operates.

Stay active, alert, and communicative. It is the duty of your HOA, as your representative, to act in your best interest as a homeowner, so communication is key. Don’t ignore letters. Question and verify any information you receive and, if something appears amiss, notify the HOA and retain the services of a professional if necessary.

Don’t fall victim to the scams that have wreaked havoc on so many unsuspecting homeowners.