Contracts: Bright Lines and Sharp Corners Promote Clear Legal Remedies

“Hold tight to the words of the law…divining what the law is, not what the interpreter wishes it to be.” See Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Text (2012). This maxim captures the bedrock principal in legal interpretation: Bright lines and sharp corners promote clear legal remedies.

When entering into a contractual relationship, it pays to keep this principal in mind. Remember that a contract is a legally binding document that can carry with it the full force of law. It naturally follows that Courts will respect and enforce the terms of a contract (absent a compelling reason not to, such as contract terms that violate positive law or that lack consonance with public policy, of course). So, when unexpected issues rear their ugly heads in your contractual relationships (and they typically do), fear not!

If you took the time at the outset of the transaction to craft a contract with bright lines and clear corners through the use of clear and unambiguous language, you can bank on the fact that clear legal remedies will follow.