Document Review

Document Review

The Document Review is the best value proposition you could ask for, as it offers a risk-free in-depth evaluation of your case BEFORE you make the commitment to engage the firm.

For a flat fee, one of our experienced real estate and business law attorneys will assess the merits of your case by reviewing the underlying documents that lend background, color, and context to the events giving rise to your need for an attorney. Once the document review is complete, the attorney will provide definitive feedback and recommendations on your best path forward, including a determination of remedies, and, if your case is a viable one, a quote for the initial retainer or fee associated with resolving your matter.

Yes, you read that right - we’re so effective and efficient at what we do, we can offer a flat fee for a document review service that would cost 2-3x as much (at least) elsewhere. And, even better, it happens fast!

So, here’s how it works:

New Client - What to Expect - Diagram

What's Next?

Take the first step by completing the form below. You will then receive a notification within one (1) business day acknowledging our receipt of your inquiry and containing instructions for activating your account. Once you've created a login, you’ll upload your documents and pay the invoice, then we’ll get started. It’s that simple!

The First Step