Business Formations

Business Formations

Quintessential to the American dream is owning your own business or starting a non-profit. Owning your own business is also a great way to generate wealth and The Jurist Law Group guides its clients through every stage of their business life cycle, from selecting the appropriate business entity and completing the formation, to preparing, negotiating, and facilitating contractual agreements that protect and support the growth and lucrativeness of their venture.

We have worked with many professionals throughout Texas and New Mexico to form and manage a variety of business types, including:

  • Traditional LLC
  • Series LLC
  • Non-Profit Corporation

And, because we’re great at what we do, we can offer a process that’s easy, straightforward, and one that can be accomplished for a flat fee.

At the Jurist Law Group, PLLC, we’re more than attorneys and trusted legal advisors – we also serve as strategic business partners who acquire an intimate understanding of the innerworkings of our clients’ businesses which allows us to take a pragmatic and business conscious approach to providing tailored legal services and comprehensive outside general counsel services that help them meet and exceed their business goals. It's not uncommon for our clients to retain us to handle their business formations, then stay with us throughout the life of their business.

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